Ciudad Escuela. An open-source urban pedagogy

Ciudad Escuela, Pedagogía (última modif. ) Por Alberto Corsín

Today we are delighted to launch a project that has long been in the making. We have called the project Ciudad Escuela and have rather ambitiously dubbed it the first open-source urban pedagogy in the world. It is the outcome of a most fruitful and exciting collaboration with Domenico di Siena, Alfonso Sánchez Uzábal, Basurama and Zuloark.

There is no better place to get a sense of what the project is about than roaming about the website itself, but for the sake of English readers I offer here a brief description of the rationale of the project and our hopes for it.

We might translate Ciudad Escuela roughly as ‘The City as School’. It is an attempt at designing an open-source urban pedagogy: What would a city look like if reimagined as a pedagogy sourced (open-sourced) on grassroots and community projects?

Ciudad Escuela is built using Mozilla’s Open Badges technology ( Briefly put, Open Badges have been designed by Mozilla to help people learn skills that might otherwise not easily be ‘verified’ in the age of the Internet. Although Badges can be put to many different uses, they are particularly useful for showcasing pedagogical capacities that escape the disciplinary and normative canons of traditional schooling systems.

Badges are of course ideal for experimenting with in an urban context. From urban community gardens to dérives, from protest camps to Occupy assemblies, from free and open source Wi-Fi networks to recycling communities, urban projects are pregnant with relational capacities through which people learn to turn their cities into more hospitable and sustainable environments.

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